Package with ‘grenades’ jolts Bureau of Customs screeners

April 21, 2019

EXAMINERS and X-ray screeners of the Bureau of Customs panicked when an outbound package containing images of three pieces of hand grenades appeared on the monitor at the export warehouse near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

For fear of an explosion, BoC personnel manning the cargo house slowly removed the grenades from the carton box for a thorough inspection.

The package was sent by a certain Peter Lhung of Helnen Import and Export Corporation of Angeles City for On the Edge Brands Budk Worldwide Inc. at 475 HWY 319 South Moultrie, Georgia, USA.

The package was declared as “Philippine handicraft made of resin” weighing some 1.40 kilograms wrapped with transparent plastic.

When examined, authorities said the three grenades were all replicas of Stielhan dragnet, Mills bomb and an M67 grenade that were made of resin. “If you look at them, they look like real explosives kaya medyo matatakot ka na biglang sumabog,” Collector Ronald Arzadon said.

Arzadon said the package was confiscated because it was not declared as replicas of grenades and it was not allowed inside the aircraft for security reasons.

Under the provisions of Transportation Security Administration (TSA), traveling with  realistic replica items and props in checked are allowed except for anything resembling a bomb or explosive like grenade, land mine, rocket launcher, shell or bomb.