Parents surrender 5 of 7 youths in burning

February 17, 2020

FIVE of the seven suspects who caused serious burns to a balloon vendor after setting fire on his wares while he was resting out of sheer fun have been charged accordingly after they were surrendered by their parents to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno yesterday.

Of the five presented, three are minors. The two adults were identified as Ivan Matimatico, 19, and Drandeb Colon, 18. Two more, also minors, are at large.

Manila Social Welfare Department (MSWD) chief Re Fugoso said the youngsters will be temporarily sent home and will be detained at the Manila Youth Recreation Center (MRYC) once ordered by the prosecution.

Their victim was identified as Oliver Rosales,29, of 24 M. Yulo St., Barangay Hagdang Bato, Libis,Mandaluyong City.

Moreno called for sobriety among residents who wanted to put the law into their own hands.

Charges of serious physical inuries and alarm and scandal were filed against the suspects, including the two who remain scot-free.

Matematico and Colon were additonally charged with violation of RA 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse.

Exploitation and  Discrimination  for reportedly inducing the minors to set the vendor’s balloons aflame on fire.

Moreno said the suspects have been charged and it will now be up to the Manila Prosecutor’s Office whether or not to hold them criminally and civilly liable.

The minors are members of a gang called ‘True Life Gangsta’ and are all out-of-school.