Pasig allots P222M for frontline health workers

April 17, 2020

THE Pasig City Government has allocated more than P222 million for its health workers fighting in the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak, according to Mayor Vico Sotto.

This after the City Council has passed an ordinance allotting P222.6 million for the special benefits of the city’s health workers amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The announcement was made by Sotto in a Facebook live on Thursday, that Pasig’s health workers will receive a daily hazard pay of P500.

“They deserve this COVID hazard pay na 500 per day,” he noted.

A "special risk allowance" equivalent to 25 percent of their monthly salary will be recieved by the frontline health workers who worked full-time during the quarantine period.

“At the end of the quarantine period, health workers who have worked full time during the quarantine period will receive 25 percent of their monthly salary,” Sotto said.

“In total, that’s P222 million for our frontline health workers,” he added. The mayor said such benefits were in accordance with the Administrative Order No. 26 of President Duterte.

“To tell you the truth, you deserve more. But for now, this is what our local government could afford,” Sotto said.

“What’s happening now with COVID-19, we know that this is a crisis but, this is not only a medical crisis but also a socio-economic crisis which effects will last for a long time,” Sotto said.