Pasig to hire more medical frontliners

July 27, 2020

AS the Pasig City government has expanded its centralized quarantine facility for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients, they needed more heath care professionals.

Mayor Vico Sotto announced in a Facebook post on Sunday, that the city is currently hiring 65 nurses, 35 medical doctors, and two medical technologists.

“If you are a healthcare staff that is willing to help in the fight against COVID-19, specifically here in Pasig, we will gladly welcome you. We really need you,” Sotto said.

Interested applicants may send their email to

He assured them that they will be compensated for their service.

“We are making many adjustments to the system and protocols to expedite our response, especially now that the number of positives in the city and in the region has spiked,” Sotto said.

The mayor said they will be increasing the capacity of their centralized quarantine facility at Rizal High School with the opening of more buildings to be used for isolation.

Two more school buildings will be opened this week, which has a total capacity of 87 beds.

The quarantine facility is dedicated for asymptomatic COVID-19 patients and for those experiencing mild symptoms of the said respiratory disease.

The mayor said there should be no COVID-19 patient to remain in their respective communities especially those in depressed areas or in densely populated communities.

Due to the recent spike of cases, the mayor said that their healthcare system is “overwhelmed” by the number of patients they are attending to.

“The centralized quarantine facility will be very important in the coming weeks especially that the cases keep on increasing,” Sotto said.

“So our goal is we will bring all COVID-19 positive patients in the centralized quarantine facility,” he explained.