Pitting Vico againts kois won't do crisis any good

Recently, several social  media posts have mushroomed, pitting Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto against Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

Wherever this is coming from and whatever the purpose is, nothing is really for sure. If there is politics involved, it’s simply wrongly-timed because we are undergoing a deadly crisis.

I can say for sure that the camp of Mayor Kois is clueless as to how all this got spun about and definitely too, he does not intend to run for any post in Pasig. Hahah.

Even I was surprised to have been tagged in a post which enumerated the measures reportedly undertaken by Mayor Vico in connection with the coronavirus crisis. I was asked if Manila has those.

Since the one who threw the question is an old friend, I answered the question truthfully and matter-of-factly, unaware that there were already comparisons being made of the two young mayors on social media.

I have nothing against Mayor Vico, but I am not too privy as to how he runs his city, so I will leave it at that.  Now, since I cover Manila, I can only speak of what Mayor Kois had done so far, based on personal knowledge or should I say, public knowledge, here and abroad.

Firstly, Kois, as we all know,  made history when he established a feat that no one else has ever and will ever accomplish, at least in the coming years.  He was able to beat, via a landslide,  a political giant ---gargantuan, in fact--- in the person of Erap Estrada, who is not only a former president of this country but was also the  incumbent mayor when Kois won over him.

Mayor Kois was inadvertently thrown into the limelight by the fact that as soon as he assumed office, he rolled up his sleeve, buckled down to work and surprised the whole country with countless, simultaneous measures and accomplishments done at a very dizzying pace, thus keeping the hands of media members and vloggers full to the brim.  No one in Manila ever thought those could be done, among them clearing Divisoria,  Abad Santos and numerous other streets that have long been lorded over by vendors.

Fast forward to the current coronavirus crisis. Without meaning to, Mayor Kois outdid not only other local governments but even the national health authorities as well, when he opened a center that will exclusively handle patients who may have contracted or are suspected of having been infected with the dreaded coronavirus.

He has also come up with a health survey that can easily be accessed via his Facebook account in order to establish with accuracy the health situation of the city’s populace. The survey will effectively identify those who already have or are possible carriers of the virus.  They will thus be easily contained and immediately given medical attention.

Kois also commandeered hotels and motels to serve as ‘staging areas’ or accommodate health workers who live outside Manila, so that ferrying them to and from the hospital where they are assigned will be easier. Mind you, this move also covers health workers of national government public hospitals located within the city.

And while Mayor Vico appeared to be championing the cause of dialysis patients whom he said need transportation for their continued treatment, reason why he called on the national government to allow tricyle drivers to continue plying their route, in Manila, dialysis patients are being given door-to-door service since the city’s dialysis center, said to be the biggest in Southeast Asia, opened last year. Dr. Ted Martin, director of the Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center and also head of the said dialysis center, said Mayor Kois had assigned four vehicles to pick up the patients and then bring them back home after their treatment.

These are just some in the very long list of actions taken by the city government as part of its CODE (contain and delay)-COVID 19 program.

My two cents worth, whoever is behind the idea of pitting Vico against Kois is not doing the Pasig mayor any favor. At all.

No offense, but Vico will only pale in comparison so stop it, at least for Vico’s sake.  There is no contest, to begin with. Besides, the country is undergoing the worst crisis ever and sowing intrigue will not do anything to mitigate the current situation.


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