P’que mayor prohibits discrimination vs COVID-19 patients, frontliners

April 06, 2020

PARANAQUE City Mayor Edwin Olivarez issued yesterday Executive Order prohibiting any form of discrimination against medical and non-medical front liners and persons infected, under monitoring of investigation due to COVID-19.

The mayor said those who will discriminate against medical and non-medical front liners during a public health crisis, such as the ongoing corona virus pandemic, will be facing criminal and administrative charges.

He pointed out various reports received by city health office regarding discrimination against front liners being refused basic services like public transport and even being evicted from their lodging houses and apartments due to fear of contamination.

“Sa halip na disrkiminasyon at pagdirihan, dapat nating tratuhin ang mga frontliners na modern-day heroes dahil malaki ang kanilang naging contribution sa kasalukuyang public health crisis,” according to Olivarez.

“We need to protect them,” the mayor said, as he urged the local police office to arrest and file necessary case against those person or groups found discriminating healthcare workers.

As stated in the Executive Order, it is unlawful for any person, natural or juridical, to commit the following against any front liner:

•  To deny access to public programs and services otherwise available to the public;

• Refuse admission or expel from public markets, supermarkets, groceries, bakeshops, and convenience stores;

• Refuse entry or eject from usual accommodation in any lodging house, apartment, motel, hotel, inn, dormitory and other places of dwelling being rented out or offered to the public or for a fee or give inferior accommodation or services by reason of his/her work as a frontliner;

• Utter or post slanderous or abusive statements which incites discrimination against a person infected, under investigation or monitoring or frontliner

• Any orderact of discrimination which demeans, impairs, mars, reduces or nullifies a person under PUM, PUI and frontliner’s human and legal rights.

Olivarez added that these acts should not be tolerated while the violators have to face the long arm of the law.