Public school teachers may made to render service from Dec. 16-22

December 08, 2018

DESPITE an early Christmas break in public schools, teachers may still be required to report and render services from December 16 to 22 in the exigency of public service.

In a memorandum issued by the Office of Undersecretary for Planning and Field Operations to the Department  of  Education (DepEd) Regional and School Division Offices, teachers in elementary and secondary public schools may begin their Christmas vacation on December 16.

However, teachers may still be required to report and render service even after the start of early Christmas break.

Equivalent vacation service credits, in accordance with DepEd Order No. 53, series 2003, shall be given to teachers required to report for work.

“Exigency of public service” refers to “a situation where service is urgently needed, and where any delay in its execution and delivery will adversely affect the outcome of the service to clients and its effective and efficient delivery.”

In such cases, the memorandum stipulates that requests to require the attendance of public school teachers during the declared Christmas break must satisfy the following conditions.

A letter-request is submitted by the school head to his/her respective SDO.

Sufficient justification is provided to establish that exigency of public service exists.

The request is duly approved by the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS).