QC to arrest those who discriminate vs COVID-19 carriers, PUIs, kin

QUEZON CITY Police District (QCPD) Director, Police Brigadier General Ronnie S Montejo said the police is ready to implement the Quezon City E.O. No. 26 which prohibits and punishes those who will discriminate persons infected or suspected of having COVID 19 and members of their household including frontliners.

He said, the EO which was signed by Mayor Joy Belmonte last April 6, 2020 will help protect frontliners and persons suspected of the COVID-19 and that those who will be caught violating the law will be arrested and put into justice.

PBGen Montejo reiterated Mayor Belmonte’s statements that discrimination has no place in our city, especially during this time of crisis. We must put a stop to this once and for all.

The Executive Order prohibits in Quezon City any act of discrimination against persons under investigation, persons under monitoring, COVID-19 infected individuals, health workers, responders and service workers are now prohibited in Quezon City.

It also prohibits acts which include denial of access to any place or service, including housing, food and transportation due to suspected infection or exposure to COVID-19, the disclosure of the identity or personal data of a PUI, PUM or any person suspected of exposure to COVID-19, including social media posts that would result in stigma and shame to the concerned person.