QCPD bares stricter enforcement of EO on pandemic

QUEZON City Police District (QCPD) Director, Police Brigadier General Ronnie S Montejo, reiterated that starting today, the police will implement a stricter enforcement of Executive Order No.20 signed by Mayor Josefina Belmonte or an Order Setting Public Safety Hours within Quezon City due to the COVID -19 Pandemic.

​He reminded the public of the prohibited acts expressed in the executive order for the protection of the community during this public health emergency which include prohibition of all persons within the territorial jurisdiction of Quezon City to roam around, loiter, wander, stay or meander in all public places during the public safety hours which is from eight o’clock in the evening to 5in the morning – whether singly or in groups.

The order further identified those who are exempted from the public safety hours such as:  a)those going to work or returning home from the same place of employment activity, without any detour or stop; b) those in immediate need of medical attention or emergency medicines c) health workers and personnel in the actual performance of their duties; d) government officials and employees performing essential or emergency official functions; e) Those attending to or in experience of an emergency situation such as conflagration, earthquake, hospitalization, road accident, or any situation, requiring immediate action to prevent serious bodily injury or loss of life; f) those directly proceeding to or returning from the airport or pier, as shown by their paper or electronic tickets; and other lawful purposes or justifiable reasons that the City Mayor may determine from time to time.

​PBGen Montejo said, offenders may be charged for violation of (i) Sec. 9 of RA 11332 which penalizes non-cooperation of person or entities affected by a health event of public concern; and/or (ii) Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code (Resistance and Disobedience to a person In Authority).

​In case of minors, the penalties and manner of dealing with the violator provided in Sections 5 and 8 of Ordinance No. 2301, Series of 2014 shall be imposed accordingly.

​The local executive order created a Unified Command and the Establishment of an Incident Management Team wherein QCPD Director PBG Montejo was appointed as Incident Commander for the area of law enforcement, peace and order, and coordination with auxiliary services. The other incident commanders include the heads of the City Health Department, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office who shall establish unified incident objectives and formulate an incident action plan for a single, integrated response operation.

​PBGen Montejo said, the executive order shall remain in effect until such time that the President or other appropriate authority lifts the state of public health emergency. He enjoined the cooperation of everyone especially in these trying times in order to help contain the spread of the dreaded disease.