QCPD chief: Observe precautionary measures

Amidst the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila, Quezon City Police District (QCPD), Police Brigadier General Ronnie S Montejo is urging all personnel of District Headquarters in Camp P/Maj. Tomas Karingal and its twelve police stations to follow precautionary measures to avoid COVID-19 infection.

PBGen. Montejo said that a series of conferences with city local officials and NCRPO regional director, PMGen. Debold Sinas, were held to assess the emerging health concerns of the city and to craft prompt and appropriate concerted response.

He said that aside from the ‘no face mask, no entry’ policy which has been in effect since last month, thermal thermometers were already procured to check body temperatures of personnel entering the camp including those visiting the jail facilities and also required all personnel to wear personal protective equipment such as sunglasses and gloves.

All official and travel abroad of personnel were cancelled; as well as calendared sporting events, zumba dance fitness activity and other gatherings and convergence like training and seminars.

Intensified clean-up, sanitation and disinfection of workplace, equipment and fixtures are being conducted.

Minors and students will be accosted and encouraged to stay at their homes. “Social distancing” will be promoted not only among QCPD personnel but also to the local community and transients of the city.

Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) or detainees shall be encouraged to use accessible technology such as cellphones instead of visitations of their loved ones and family in order to restrict human to human contact.

70% of personnel shall be deployed. Succession of position and responsibilities has been laid out in case of worst case scenario.

Personnel with medical background such as nurses, medical technologist, doctors, therapists and other related course were ordered to join Quick Response Team (QRT). They will undergo refresher training and preparation for their role as members of the Quick Reaction Unit. They shall wear special Personnel Protective Equipment and equipped with body camera but without lethal weapon.

NUPs aged 50 years old and above will not be required to report to their respective offices while for uniformed personnel, 54 years old and above will not be dispatched at the frontline duties and only limited to administrative duties at their respective offices.

A 24/7 operating center will work closely with local city health office and will provide situation updates every 8 hours.

The public is enjoined to refrain from sharing fake and unverified information about COVID-19 and other matters that contribute to confusion and disinformation.