Quezon City forms City Development Council to boost economic status

QUEZON City Mayor Joy Belmonte has issued an executive order creating the City Development Council (CDC) for QC to be more effective in setting the direction of the economic and social development in the local level.

The CDC aims to bolster the bond between the city government, barangays and non-government organizations in formulating development programs and projects in the city.  The CDC is primarily in-charge in formulating long term, medium term, and annual socio-economic development plans and policies; formulate medium term and annual investment program; and prioritize socio-economic development programs and projects.

It also formulates local investment incentives to promote the inflow and directions of private investment capital; and coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of development programs.

The CDC will be headed by the city mayor, whose members include all barangay leaders, the chairperson of the Committee on Appropriations of the city council, congressmen of the city’s six districts; and at least or over 36 representatives of non-governmental organizations in the city.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Gian Sotto has encouraged the youth to focused more on service-oriented style of leadership while pushing them to fight for good governance.

“As youth leaders, we really have to focus on the purpose that we have; why we are here and what do we have to offer,” Sotto said during the first QC Youth Parliament.

Speaking of a remarkable style of leadership, Sotto cited how Mayor Joy Belmonte led the city council during her term as the vice mayor.

“Almost nine years ko nakita kung paano mag-preside si Mayor Joy Belmonte and for me, iba talaga ‘yung brand of leadership na ipinapakita ng ating mayor ngayon,” Sotto said.