Rock band drummer videos own death jump

January 16, 2019
Brian Velasco

A DRUMMER of a local rock band, a lady doctor and a Taiwanese national were found dead in separate incidents of apparent suicide  yesterday morning and Tuesday afternoon in Manila, Taguig and Pasay cities.

Brian Velasco, 41, a drummer of the Razorback band died on the spot from severe head and body injuries after he fell from the 34th floor of the City Land Tower located on Vito Cruz Street in Malate, Manila.

Police said Velasco made his suicide try live on Facebook while calling on a certain ‘Mel’ or ‘Miles’ to take care “Pochito”. In the video, Velasco was saying “Mel…Miles pakialagaan niyo na lang si Pochito... okay? Here I go... Here I go…” before he jumped off the building. The footages were seen by his friends and followers. However, the video was later deleted.

The victim’s family requested the police not to conduct an investigation anymore believing that there was no foul play in the victim’s death. Police suspect that depression may have triggered the victim to kill himself.

Earlier at around 3 p.m., Wang Yi Chieh, a Taiwanese national billeted at Room 430 of Sogo Hotel shot himself in the head while sitting on the gutter on F.B. Harrison Extension.

Chief Insp. Wilfredo Sangel, head of Pasay police investigation group, said the victim was seen by a witness anxiously walking on F.B. Harrison with a back pack until he sat on the gutter near the Mabuhay Manor Hotel.

Moments later, the victim drew a gun in his bag. He aimed the gun at his head and squeezed the trigger killing himself instantly. The victim left a suicide note written in Chinese.

With Edd Reyes