Scammer Gaza viral post ‘preposterous’

PREPOSTEROUS, silly, and sounds like it was taken straight out of an action movie.

This was how Bureau of Immigration spokesperson Dana Sandoval described a viral post by businessman Xian Gaza detailing how he evaded immigration inspection at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Sandoval said the BI is studying the possibility of taking legal actions against Gaza for being a “security risk” and for mocking the country’s airport procedures.

In a series of photos on his Facebook, Gaza described how he was able to leave the country despite allegedly having three arrest warrants and after being sentenced to five years in prison on September 30, 2018.

Gaza made headlines in 2017 after he asked actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date via a billboard advertisement in Manila—which the actress turned down and for reportedly stalking actress Ella Cruz. Gaza was also allegedly involved in several multi-million investment scam cases. As of writing, the post has garnered almost 8,000 comments and more than 22,000 shares.

Sandoval explained that a passenger will be barred from leaving the country if he has a “hit” in the BI’s derogatory database. In Gaza’s case, there was none when he left.

According to Sandoval, the courts had already send arrest warrants or Hold Departure Order (HDO) to the bureau and these are then included in the BI’s derogatory database.