Seniors, Persons with Disability get easy stroll in Luneta

March 24, 2019

NATIONAL Parks Development Committee executive director Penelope Belmonte yesterday said the NPDC has bought an E-cart to help senior citizens and Persons with Disability (PWDs) to move around the park during their visit at the Luneta Park.

“This E-cart will enable those who may find difficulty walking to move around the park and thus make their visit more convenient and enjoyable,” Belmonte said, adding the cart would also provide needed assistance to park visitors who cannot walk and stroll around 53-hectare Luneta.

NPDC deputy director Malou Reyes said the E-cart is cost-efficient because it is solar-powered.

A designated driver will operate the E-cart within Luneta Park to pick up and drop passengers or help them go around and enjoy all the free attractions from Quirino Grandstand to Taft Avenue.