Sikyu cheats death by gunshot twice

June 13, 2020
Mayor Isko Moreno announces that Manila is building three testing labs for COVID-19 patients in the city.Photo by JERRY S. TAN DEATH14 metro

A security guard reportedly escaped death when the gunman missed his first shot while the second bullet lodged between the chamber and the muzzle of his gun prompting the victim to run inside his house Friday evening in Malabon city.

Reygen Panizalez, 40 of Block 4 Kadima, Brgy. Tonsuya was having his haircut at Block 4 Damata Letre when the gunman, identified as Rolando Pacifico, 42 of Block 4 Damata Letre together with Lucky Igot, 19 of Lot 39 Phase 2 Lupa Gozon, Brgy. Tonsuya arrived at around 10 p.m.

The victim told police that he heard Igot pointing to him and instructed the gunman to shoot him which the latter obliged but missed the first shot.

The gunman fired another shot but the bullet got squib load inside the barrel that gave the victim enough time to escape which prompted the suspects to escape on foot.

Responding barangay officials and police immediately conducted a follow-up operation that resulted in the arrest of the suspects who were both under the influenced of liquor.

A caliber .38 revolver with two live bullets and two empty shells from its cylinder was recovered from Pacifico while the motive behind the foiled killing is yet to be established.