Sinas orders social distancing patrols in MM

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office director, Major General Debold M. Sinas, yesterday ordered all Metro Manila police stations to create social distancing patrol teams that will ensure order in places of heavy convergence specifically public markets, groceries, remittance centers, banks and drug stores in the metropolis.

The NCRPO director said each patrol team in the numbered stations of the Quezon City Police District and the Manila Police District as well as the other police stations of the Northern, Southern and Eastern Police Districts will be composed of two to four uniformed officers.

“Members of the team will also be equipped with sticks as they patrol markets and other public places in Metro Manila to ensure that people will observe physical distancing and would wear face masks as part of the government measure to prevent the further spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus,” said Sinas.

The baton-wielding NCRPO Social Distancing Teams were created amid complaints that market-goers are ignoring the social distancing measure while others including those who have received financial package from the government are using the money to engage in drinking and illegal gambling including ‘tupada’ sessions in the metropolis.

“We are intensifying our presence on the streets to remind the general public the proper observance and strict implementation of social distancing to preempt the spread of COVID-19,” Sinas told the Journal Group.

The official likewise reiterated his directive to all Metro Manila policemen manning Quarantine Control Points in the metropolis not to allow passage to Unauthorized Persons Outside of Residence or UPORs.

Apart from that, Sinas ordered his QCP personnel to continue checking the temperature and identification cards of motorists and travelers passing thru their control points and see to it that unauthorized persons and those with high temperature will be checked and investigated.

“We should only allow Authorized Persons Outside of Residence, not these UPORs who must be taught a hard lesson for violating the quarantine measure,” the Metro Manila police director said as he stressed that the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the metropolis must be enforced to the hilt even if it causes inconvenience to the general public including motorists.