Stab-ridden, hogtied man floats in Manila Bay

A man’s body with multiple stabwounds and whose hands were hogtied behind was found floating at the Manila Bay breakwater in front of the MICT Tower in Binodo, Manila yesterday morning.

The victim, whose face was also wrapped with packaging tape, was about 5’4”tall and had the words,  “Only God can Judge You” tattooed on his chest and the names “Alyee”  and “Joker 32”  on his right arm.

Investigation by Cpl. Donald Panaligan of the Manila Police District-Homicide Section said that at 11:16 a.m., fisherman Jame Tugade, 47, saw the body floating in the bay and immediately informed the Philippine Coast Guard-Special Operations Group-Malacanang whose members took out the body from the waters.

Responding scene of the crime operatives (SOCO) removed all the ropes and tapes used on the victim.