Stabbing artist dies in gun attack

November 15, 2018

A jobless man involved in a series of stabbing incidents was killed by a riding-in-tandem criminals Wednesday evening in Navotas City.

Rolly Jorge Domingo, alias “Yammy”, 29, of 229 M. Naval St., Bgy. Daanghari, died on the spot from bullet wounds in the head while the suspects, both wearing full-face helmets, black jackets and black pants, immediately escaped on board a motorcycle without license plate.

Navotas deputy police chief for operation Chief Insp. Ilustre Mendoza said the victim, who was also included in the police and barangay drug watchlists, was drinking beer alone in front of his house when the suspects, on board a single motorcycle, arrived at 11:05 p.m.

The back rider alighted and repeatedly shot the victim in the head, killing him instantly, before fleeing towards Bgy. Tangos. Seven empty shells for unknown caliber of firearm were recovered at the crime scene.

Victim’s mother Emily Domingo Velasco, 53, admitted that her son was hooked on drugs and was detained thrice for his involvement in series of stabbing incidents.

He claimed her son first stabbed and wounded his stepbrother Marcelo Velasco years ago but the case was settled during inquest proceedings at the City Prosecutor’s Office.

Last year, the victim stabbed and wounded a certain Gian Carlo of Suarez St., Bgy. Daanghari but the case of frustrated homicide was dismissed due to none appearance of the victim during court proceedings.

On November 7 last year, the victim was arrested by police for stabbing to death Alberto Cayco at the corner of M. Naval and Bacog Sts., Bgy. Daanghari. He was charged with homicide but was freed when he was allowed to post bail.

At the time of his death, the case was still being heard at the sala of Malabon Regional Trial Court (RTC) Judge Romana Lindayag Del Rosario of Branch 287.