Supreme Court to convene committee for Manila Bay cleanup

January 20, 2019

THE Supreme Court will convene its committee tasked to monitor the implementation of its 2008 order to rehabilitate and revive  Manila Bay.

High Tribunal spokesman and Court Administrator Midas Marquez yesterday said that this was in response to the plan of the present administration to clean Manila Bay.

“The SC committee on the Manila Bay Cleanup should convene soon in accordance with the earlier resolution to strengthen the order to clean Manila Bay,” said Marquez, who has been tapped as vice chair of the committee.

He said the SC is expected to name a new head of the committee since its former chair Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr., has retired from the judiciary. Velasco penned the unanimous decision in the landmark writ of kalikasan case on Manila Bay.

Marquez also welcomed the reported plan of the Duterte administration to pursue the Manila Bay cleanup and abide by the SC’s continuing mandamus that required 13 government agencies led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to implement a rehabilitation plan.

“The seven-year rehabilitation plan is good news to the Court because it appears complementary to the continuing mandamus it issued in 2008. The Manila Bay cleanup must really be a concerted effort by all concerned agencies in the three branches of government,” Marquez said.

President Duterte recently ordered the cleanup of Manila Bay and approved the seven-year plan of the DENR. He warned hotels along Roxas Blvd. that they would be closed if the regulators found out that they were dumping their waste into Manila Bay