Tattooed man shot dead in Tondo

November 11, 2018

AN unidentified man was shot dead inside a house in Tondo, Manila, early yesterday morning.

The victim was described as about 40 to 45  years old, 5’3” tall and with tattooes on his chest -- ‘Bumboo’, ‘bebe’ and ‘LM.’

Det. Marlon San Pedro of the Manila Police Disrict-Homicide Section said that at 2:35 a.m., residents heard successive gunfires coming from the victim’s home located at the second floor of Building 15 at the Temporary Housing in Arom, Tondo.

A witness told the police that an unidentified man barged into the victim’s room and then shot the latter four times.

Found at the crime scene were for spent shells from a .45 cal. gun and paraphernalia for using illegal drugs.

Police are investigating the identities of the victim and the suspect and the motive behind the shooting.