Teachers to boycott election duties if 2019 budget not passed

February 03, 2019

A MILITANT teachers’ group yesterday threatened to boycott their duties as election officers for the midterm elections in May if Congress will fail to pass the 2019 budget.

The Teachers Dignity Coalition (TDC) said this in reaction to the announcement of the Commission on Elections that teachers who will serve in the 2019 polls will not receive their honoraria in case of a reenacted budget in 2019.

“Poll duties are considered by teachers as patriotic duty. However, we have fought to ensure a just compensation package and safe polling places for teachers serving as election workers,“ said TDC chairman Benjo Basas.

The group noted that they at least have won the fight when the Election Service Reform Act was enacted in 2016 giving teachers the option not to serve during elections.

“Thus, if Congress will fail to enact the budget for 2019 and our compensation will suffer, we will ask our teachers to refuse the assignment,” Basas said.

Under the Election Service Reform Act, chairpersons of electoral boards will be paid P6,000 while members of electoral boards will get P5,000. The Department of Education supervisor official will get P4,000 and support staff will be paid P2,000. All those who will render election service are entitled to a P1,000 travel allowance.