Teener kicks motorbike, gunned down by rider

A 16-year-old was gunned down by a motorcycle rider who got upset when the former kicked his motorcycle in Tondo, Manila the other day.

Victim Kevin Lois Monsod, a resident of Tondo, died instantly  from a bullet wound that went through his chest and left lung.

The Manila Police District (MPD)-Raxabago Police Station 1 reported that the shooting took place at 2:19 a.m. at the corner of Quezon and Concha Streets in Tondo.

A CCTV recording showed that the victim was walking in the area with two friends and were about to cross the street when he kicked the motorcycle with the suspect on board and while it was passing through. Also reportedly aboard then were three women.

The victim and his companions were also said to have chased the motorcycle but the suspect sped away.  Moments later, the suspect, still aboard the same motorcycle, came back and fired at the victim, hitting him fatally and then escaped.

Police said that based on the account of one of the victim’s companions, they had just come from a drinking session and were on their way home when the incident happened.

One of the victim’s friends then reportedly called the suspect’s woman companion ugly, triggering a heated exchange between the victim and the suspect, until Monsod kicked the latter’s motorcycle.

The victim’s companions told the police they did not expect that the suspect would return, moreso, fire at them. They scampered toward different directions, not knowing that the victim had been hit.

Concerned citizens brought the victim to the nearest hospital to no avail.

Police said an investigation is being done to establish the identities of the suspect so he can be arrested and charged accordingly.