Truckers, Customs brokers start 5-day holiday

November 19, 2018

SEVERAL truckers and Customs brokers yesterday began their long-declared five-day truck holiday in Manila.

It was learned that about 100 trucks participated in the said truck holiday organized by the Alliance of Philippine Brokers and Truckers Association (APBTA).

In refusing to move their trucks from the Port of Manila, the participants aim to register objection to the plans of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to phase out old trucks and to condemn the failure of authorities in charge to address the problem of port congestion which they said cause delay in the release flow of cargoes from other countries.

Apart from this, a caravan was also held by the said trucks on Road 10 in Tondo, Manila.

Others let their trucks remained inside their garage while some customs brokers did not transact, it was learned.

The groups concerned expressed desire to talk to government authorities, adding that about 200,000 trucks will be banned from the streets if the planned phaseout of old trucks push through, displacing thousands of drivers and workers.

He said most of the affected are small truckers and that only big international companies will benefit from the phaseout.

Meantime, it was learned that some groups of truckers did not join the said truck holiday and went on with their business.