Upset in Manila

May 14, 2019
Isko Moreno

POLITICAL upstart Isko Moreno appears to have stunned dynasty patriarch Joseph Estrada, 82, in the election derby in the country’s premier city.

The young Moreno, a self-made man who rose from abject poverty to challenge a former president and unbeaten political kingpin who presided over San Juan City and later Manila as mayor, appeared to have dealt Estrada a decisive defeat, at last count leading the old man by a comfortable margin.

After some undue delay former vice mayor Francisco Domagoso, also known as Isko Moreno, was finally proclaimed by the Commission on Election(Comelec) as the newly-elected mayor of Manila.

Also proclaimed were reelectionist Honey Lacuna and all the winning congressmen and councilors for Districts 1-6 of Manila.

Domagoso’s camp lamented the delay in proclamation as unnecessary, pointing out that the number of votes was already 98 percent and the lead of Moreno was insurmountable.

Estrada lost in his own barangay in Manila’s fourth district, which he established as his residence when he first run for mayor of the country’s capital.
In a telling sign of rejection by Manila’s voters, his daughter Jerika ran for councilor and was also defeated. Critics suspected “Erap” was grooming her as his heir apparent in Manila.

An incredible Estrada would not accept his defeat, suspecting sinister forces behind his debacle. “Bakit ako magko-concede? Talagang pri-noject ako. Lahat ng survey, from the start, panalo ako. Tapos ngayon, biglang si Isko nanalo,” he told a television interview..

An indication that the Estradas political fortunes had changed was the defeat in San Juan of the former president’s granddaughter Janella in the mayoral battle against former Vice Mayor Francis Zamora, a product of the city’s other political dynasty.