Vendors thanked for starting Manila cleanup

THE incoming administration of Manila Mayor-elect Isko Moreno expressed gratitude to barangay chairmen who take it upon themselves to put orderliness in their areas of jurisdiction, in line with Moreno’s pronouncements to clean up the city.

According to Councilor Bernie Ang (3rd district), incoming secretary to the mayor, Moreno is highly elated that some barangays have already begun to clean up their areas of vendor congestion and litter on the streets, even before the new administration could take over.

‘Apparently, they have been inspired by the pronouncements of our new mayor, Isko Moreno, that he would embark on a massive cleanup of the city and such voluntary efforts on the part of our barangay chairmen is highly appreciated by him,’ Ang said.

Ang also said that in expressing his gratitude, Moreno is also hoping that other barangays will emulate what others have initiated, particularly citing the case of Blumentritt, whose barangay leaders have cleared the street of vendors that have, for the longest time, occupied the whole stretch thus denying the pedestrians and motorists the use of the said street.

According to Ang, they only learned via social media that after clearing the vendors, a cleanup was also done in the area by the barangay itself, to rid the street of all kinds of litter that had been left  behind by the vendors  themselves.

During interviews immediately after his proclamation, Moreno has stated emphatically that among his priorities would be to clear the city of mounds of garbage that have remained uncollected.

He also said that vendors will not be deprived of their livelihood but will only have to be organized in such a way that they do not violate existing laws and regulations.