Vico to Eusebio: ‘Move on’

PASIG City Mayor-elect Vico Sotto urged outgoing Mayor Robert “Bobby” Eusebio “to move forward” amid the election protest being mulled by the latter after losing in the midterm elections.

“I really think if he does push through with it, siya naman yung mapapahiya hindi naman po kami,” Sotto said in an interview over ANC Headstart.

Earlier, Eusebio threatened to file an election fraud protest over the alleged cheating during the May, 2019 midterm polls after he was defeated by Sotto with a lead of over 80,000 votes.

“It’s his right. He can do it if he wants. It’s time for us to move forward,” Sotto added.

Sotto said he is “willing to work” with Eusebio to ensure the “smooth transition” of leadership in Pasig City on June 30.