Waitress murdered by customer, cashier hurt

October 03, 2018

A WAITRESS was brutally murdered by a male customer -- said to be a butcher -- who allegedly stabbed her five times inside a KTV bar in Tondo, Manila, after she refused to go out with him. The cashier also sustained stab wounds when she tried to stop the suspect.

The fatality was identified as Anecita Sialongo, 41, of Tanigue Street, Dagat-Dagatan, Caloocan City, and the cashier as Celia Tamayo, 56, of 1100 Juan Luna St., Tondo. Sialongo took five stab wounds in the body while Tamayo sustained two and is now under observation in a hospital.

In a follow-up operation by the Manila Police District-Dagupan Police Outpost and barangay officials in the area, the suspect, Robert Nocos, 21, of Purok Kruz, Bagong Silang, Davao City and currently staying in Padre Herrera, Tondo, was nabbed.

Prober Det. Michael Maraggun of the MPD-Homicide Section stated in his report that the stabbing took place at 9:15 p.m. inside the Marina Videoke Bar located near the corner of Juan Luna and Raja Matanda Streets in Tondo.

The victims’ co-workers told the police that the suspect entered the KTV bar and went straight to the second floor.

Once he got drunk, he reportedly offered Sialongo, who was then inside the comfort room, some drinks and a date but the latter rejected him flatly and then went down.

Nocos left the bar and returned already armed with a bladed weapon. He then stabbed the victim repeatedly, until the cashier attempted to stop him. The suspect vented his ire on the cashier and stabbed her twice in the body.

After the stabbing, Nocos went out of the bar casually and the police were able to corner him during a follow-up operation.

Police said the suspect shaved his head clean apparently to mislead authorities. The suspect told police he was asleep in his home during the incident but police said the CCTV belies his claim.