2 MPD execs COVID positive

August 12, 2020

TWO ranking officials from the Manila Police District (MPD) have tested positive for COVID-19 and were awaiting transport to hospitals as of presstime.

As of yesterday, a report from public information officer Col. Carlo Magno Manuel said that 240 cases of COVID-19 have been reported among the ranks of the MPD.

Of the said number, a total of 12 have recovered and no deaths were reported. Five are at the Patricia Quarantine Facility in Tondo, Manila.

MPD chief Gen. Rolly Miranda has directed all personnel who have had close contacts with the said officers to get in touch with the MPD’s District Health Service office for proper monitoring.

One of the said two officials tested positive for COVID-19 after being swabbed last Saturday while the other one has minor colds and also tested positive when he underwent swab testing.

Just the other day, MPD-Station 9 chief PLTCol. Michael Garcia passed away reportedly due to cardiogenic chock secondary to acute coronary syndrome-myocardial infection.

Garcia was said to have a history of heart enlargement and had long been suffering from  intermittent chest pains and reportedly tested negative for the virus.