2 senators want heavier penalties for littering

SENATORS Sherwin Gatchalian and JV Ejercito yesterday said they will push for heavier penalties against people who indiscriminately throw their trash anywhere.

The two senators expressed dismay over the undisciplined behavior of some Filipinos,

in disposing of garbage.

In his post on Twitter, Gatchalian said the penalty against littering and those who do not follow  proper garbage disposal should be heavier and enforcement should be stricter.

“Dapat bigatan ang parusa sa mga violator. I-aammend natin ang ordinance natin. Maglinis sila ng buong kalsada sa barangay nila for one week,” Gatchalian said.

Gatchalian issued the statement after the city government of Valenzuela caught on CCTVs a number of people indiscriminately dumping their trash on roadsides and other public places during and after the Holidays.

Gatchalian was the former mayor of Valenzuela.

Ejercito, a former mayor of San Juan City, agreed with Gatchalian, saying even occupants of luxurious sports utility vehicles throw their trash outside the car window and contribute to the tons of garbage in the metropolis.

“Nakakainis mga ganyan bro! Nung mayor pa tayo, ‘di natin ‘yan palalagpasin ‘pag nakita! I hate seeing people sometimes in SUVs throw garbage outside.  It’s so painful to see trash all over,” Ejercito, in his reply to Gatchalian’s tweet, said.

Gatchalian answered: “Pareho tayo bro. Inis na inis ako sa mga walang disiplina. Reklamo nang reklamo pero hindi tumutulong sa bansa.

We put CCTVs all over the city para mahuli itong mga walang disiplina.”

Ejercito even mentioned chasing cars whose drivers recklessly counterflow and even personally castigated people he caught throwing cigarette butts in San Juan.