4 more cops recover from COVID-19, 71 test positive

THE  number of positive COVID-19 in the Philippine National Police (PNP) climbed to 71 as of Monday morning with four more recoveries.

This was confirmed by PNP Health Service Director, Police Brigadier General Herminio Tadeo Jr.

Tadeo said four more police personnel recovered from the pandemic COVID-19, bringing the total to 10 recoveries.

Recovered personnel were PNP patient 5- a 47-year-old female and PNP patient 34- a 44-year-old male, both assigned in Metro Manila.

He said as of April 20, PNPHS recorded also additional four confirmed cases of personnel infected with virus, bringing the total to 71.

The four confirmed cases were, a 38-year-old female, a 45- year-old male, a 32-year-old male and a 33-year-old male, all assigned in Metro Manila.

The PNPHS also recorded a total of 59 PNP personnel who are categorized as Probable Persons Under Investigation (Probable PUIs) including 17 Police Commissioned Officers, 50 Police Non-Commissioned Officers and 2 Non-Uniformed Personnel while a total of 604 personnel were recommended as Suspected Persons Under Investigation (Suspected PUIs) including 132 Police Commissioned Officers, 442 Police Non-Commissioned Officers, and 30 Non-Uniformed Personnel.

A total of 600 personnel which includes 196 Probable PUIs and 404 Suspected PUIs have completed self/home quarantine.

Meanwhile, the NHQ PNP COVID-19 Patient Care Center (Kiangan Billeting Center) has already admitted 40 PNP personnel listed as PUIs and who undergo self-quarantine including 11 PCO, 25 PNCO, and 4 NUP while Spring Hotel admiited a total of 110 personnel (15 PCO, 75 PNCO, 14 NUP and 6 Civilian employees).