Acierto again rebuffed on Yang

April 07, 2019

THE Department of Justice has deferred its investigation into the inclusion of 10 public prosecutors in the so-called narco-list of President Duterte.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra cited as reason the supposed reluctance of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to reveal the names of the prosecutors and to share information with the DoJ.

Guevarra lamented PDEA’s decision to withhold the names of the prosecutors, saying this could place the entire National Prosecution Service (NPS) in a bad light.

“It is regretful that PDEA announced it before validation because everyone in the prosecution service as well as judges in the judiciary became a suspect at this point when the names are being withheld,” he stressed.

Recently, the Supreme Court also asked PDEA for the names of 13 judges implicated in drugs.

However, sources disclosed that up to now PDEA has not responded to the high court’s request for the judges’ names.

“I already prepared a letter requesting the names of the 10 prosecutors. But when DG Aquino said they cannot share the information yet, I held the transmittal of the letter and I will just wait for the results of their validation,” Guevarra said.