AFP, PNP want dialog with school officials

October 06, 2018
Philippine Marines
TRI-NATION WAR GAMES. Philippine marines take position next to US marines Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV) while Japanese Ground Home Defense Forces carry a mock injured soldier during an amphibious landing exercise at the beach of the Philippine navy training center facing the South China Sea in San Antonio town, Zambales province north of Manila yesterday, as they join the annual joint US-Philippine marines exercises. Japanese troops stormed a South China Sea beach in the Philippines on October 6 in a joint military exercises with the US and Filipino troops that officialy marked the first time Tokyo’s armored vehicles rolled on foreign soil after World War II. AFP/TED ALJIBE

OFFICIALS of both the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police yesterday said they are ready to sit down with college and university authorities and discuss with them measures that would help prevent communist infiltration of their campuses.

AFP chief General Carlito Galvez said they are bent on having a dialogue with the officials of the country’s top universities where rebel recruitment is reportedly taking place mainly through showing of films on martial law abuses in an effort to portray President Duterte as the “new President Ferdinand Marcos.”

The AFP and PNP are also considering the holding of talks with students, their school administrators and officials of the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education about the issue.

“We will make some action on that. We will make sure na kung ano man ang dapat gawin, maisaayos namin,” Gen. Galvez said.

The AFP chief however said they are still validating intelligence information about some schools already serving as “breeding ground” for communist rebels.

PNP spokesman Chief Superintendent Benigno B. Durana Jr. said they are open for communications with the universities and colleges identified on Wednesday by the AFP as having been infilitrated by CPP/NPA recruiters for the supposed ‘Red October’ plot.

The plot supposedly involves a broad coalition of anti-government forces led by the political opposition, the CPP/NDF/NPA and students and labor groups. Both the CPP/NDF/NPA and the political opposition have denied the charges against them.