Albayalde welcomes Filipinos’ full support to anti-drug war

November 06, 2018

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde, in behalf of the 190,000-strong police force has welcomed the news that majority of Filipinos fully welcome their war on illegal drug trafficking and abuse and made good anew his promise that the crackdown will be aggressively continued as part of President Duterte’s campaign pledge.

The positive appreciation to the PNP’s crackdown against illegal drug trafficking and abuse has been widely attributed to a significant reduction in street crimes due to the much-improved police visibility in Metro Manila and the rest of the country.

“The PNP welcomes the appreciation of the public to the anti-crime campaign being waged by the PNP against all forms of criminal activity as expressed in the latest survey of the Social Weather Station that showed continuing decline in the number of people falling prey to crime and violence,” Gen. Albayalde told the Journal Group.

From the previous 1.5-million estimated crime victims or 6.6 percent of the population during the first quarter of 2018, the rate of crime victimization was further reduced by 1.3 points to only 5.3 percent of the population, representing 1.2 million persons in the 2nd quarter of the year, the SWS survey showed.

“This is 1.3 points below the 6.6 percent in March 2018, and the lowest since the record-low 3.7 percent crime victimization in June 2017, during the first year in Office of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte,” said Gen. Albayalde.

Albayalde said although researchers explain that victimization by common crimes reported in surveys is usually much higher than the number of crimes actually reported to the police -- in terms of proportion, the survey results are consistent with the crime data generated by the PNP from actual reported crime incidents recorded in police blotters.

“In our analysis of the national crime environment, Total Crime Volume decreased by 15.61 percent in January to August 2018 as compared with the Crime Volume during the same period in 2017, while the decrease noted in the crime victimization rate between the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2018 is even wider at 20 percent,” he explained.

“Overall, we take this empirical measure of experience with crime also as an indication of greater feeling of safety from crime and consequently lesser fear of crime,” he added.

The PNP chief said they fully welcome as well the latest SWS survey showing 78 percent satisfaction with the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.

“That’s almost 8-out-of-10 Filipinos expressing approval of the war on drugs. This popular acknowledgement of the successful police campaign against this 21st century scourge is the strongest recognition and manifestation of support that will serve to inspire and challenge us even more to wage the campaign further along with built-in safeguards to maintain its pure good intention sans any insinuation of irregularity or abuse,” he said.

“The vision for a drug-free society will remain a dream if we will not get our acts together; if we will shrink in making tough decisions; and if we will stop now. Instead we will continue to be innovative in our strategies both in helping save human lives of drug users and their families and in protecting the human rights of the rest of  society against the menace of illegal drugs. We can be humane while being relentless and chilling in our campaign,” he added.