Alleged virus cure requires testing -- Garin

Janette Garin
Janette Garin

AS a former Health Secretary Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin expressed full support for Malacanang’s call to have the Fabunan viral injection studied by the Food and Drugs Administration.

At the same time, Garin appealed to the people not to be easily swayed by social media posts that there are now vaccines or drugs that can cure coronavirus disease.

According to Garin, the FDA should be given the chance and time to study carefully the Fabunan anti-viral injection for curing the COVID-19.

“I fully support Malacanang's call to have the Fabunan viral injection studied by FDA. Is it indeed an effective cure? Is it under clinical trial? If it's for clinic use, there should still be medical transparency,” Garin said.

“If this viral injection is what it claims to be, then let's have the FDA study its effectiveness and make a pronouncement whether it's safe or not,” Garin, a doctor by profession, added.

At this point, medical experts in the world are desperate for a cure.

However, Garin cautioned people to be careful and avoid unnecessary medical expense.

“We should be wary of the things we read, see or watch in social media,” Garin said.

“Not all trending posts about COVID-19 cures are backed up by science. Yung iba nagtrend lang kasi gusto natin paniwalaan na totoo nga, na may gamot na laban sa sakit na ito at hindi natin masisisi ang mga tao na gusto nila paniwalaan ito,” she added.

She appealed to the people to just wait for the official result of the test from the FDA.

“We all want a vaccine, a medicine to save us from COVID-19 but we should be more critical of viral posts on social media. Let us put forward products which are scientifically and medically proven to help us fight COVID-19,” she stressed.

Earlier, Malacanang urged the FDA to study the effectiveness of the Fabunan anti-viral injection in curing COVID-19.