Alliance of Concerned Teachers petition ‘publicity stunt’

March 05, 2019

THE Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) yesterday said that the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Partylist group appealed the dismissal of its case by the Court of Appeals (CA) to gain publicity and earn votes in the coming elections.

In a statement, DILG Undersecretary and Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya said that the motion for reconsideration filed by the group is clearly a publicity stunt meant to draw attention because of the election period.

The ACT partylist had filed a case before the CA to stop the police from profiling its members but the court dismissed the suit saying that petitioners failed to submit certified true copies of the PNP’s order to compile an intelligence list of ACT members and affiliates in public schools.

However, the teachers group filed a petition asking the CA to reconsider its dismissal of the case.

Malaya said the original petition was already dismissed and yet ACT “wishes to beat a dead horse.”

“We appeal to ACT PL to stop politicizing this issue just to earn votes from the public,” he added.
While the courts have relaxed the rules in several cases, the DILG official said that the procedural infirmities and errors in ACT’s petition are too basic and too fundamental to be ignored.

“It will be a great injustice for our law enforcement agencies to be stymied in the performance of their duties by the filing of frivolous and half-baked court petitions that clearly violate the Rules of Court,” Malaya said.

Malaya maintained that aside from the procedural lapses, the Court of Appeals also saw no iota of merit in the partylist’s petition thus, “we are confident that this MR will be dismissed in the same manner that the original decision was thrashed by the court.”

The Court’s decision, he added, proved that the alleged profiling or police crackdown on their group is a figment of their imagination designed to draw more media attention as the election nears.

“In other words, this was an exercise in politics in aid of reelection and thus we encourage the leaders of ACT to instead clarify matters with Mr. Joma Sison who was the one who tagged them as a communist front in their armed conflict instead of seeking recourse from the very institutions they seek to overthrow,” Malaya said.