Angara asks fellow COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma

SENATOR Sonny Angara on Monday called on other COVID19 survivors to help in curing other patients by donating their plasma.

"Gave my plasma and it went straight to a hospital in QC to a man on a ventilator- a severe case of COVID19. My wonderful doctors say it could save his life as the antibodies of survivors in past viruses have done," Angara said.

The senator explained that survivor's plasma can help cure COVID 19 patients.

"The moment plasma is given it goes straight to a COVID19 patient. Please tell any survivors you know. There is no stigma and they can save lives," he added.

Angara is also hoping that the Department of Health (DOH), COVID-19 Task Force, and the DILG can help share databases to ask COVID-19 patients to share their plasma.

"It is very much needed by patients now. Right now the hospitals just have an informal network. Agency/institutional action will speed up the process of getting survivors to donate," he explained.

"DOH and IATF and LGUs pls exchange data re the covid survivors subject to their privacy rights, so that we can help other fight this virus," Angara stressed.

"I wish I could pay it back every day but the protocol is you can only give your plasma as a survivor every 14 days. Pls pass on to any survivor— they can save lives as we speak! Thanks and pls stay at home and maintain social distancing everyone!" he further said.