Angat lahat sa Angkas

December 26, 2018

MESSAGE from Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion in relation to Angkas.

“President Duterte’s mandate to me is to help create an inclusive economy where all Filipinos must prosper -- and not just a few. The world today is fast-changing and the new economy, which has been transformed by digitalization, is opening greater access to money and market for our entrepreneurs.

The access to money means that micro and small entrepreneurs are now able to borrow at lower rates, which can be done through financial technology (fintech) companies and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Under the leadership of Governor Nestor Espenilla, the country has adopted an open approach to help foster and speed up the entry of fintech companies, which will ultimately help our micro and small entrepreneurs. Borrowing money using smartphones is happening because of fintech.

Greater access to market is now possible through online platforms. In America, they have Amazon, while in the Philippines, we have Lazada and Shopee, among others. These platforms provide entrepreneurs the ability and opportunity to sell directly to consumers. This helps micro and small entrepreneurs to penetrate a wider market without having to place their products in malls and department stores with high entry costs.

Angkas is another platform for people who own motorcycles. For many micro and small entrepreneurs, the first vehicle they buy is a motorcycle as this provides them mobility. With Angkas providing a market place for people who need a quick ride, motorcycle owners can now offer their services on a private basis. Angkas can be considered as a market place, which does not employ the driver. Same as how another ride-hailing app, Grab, does. It just provides a platform for riders who are now entrepreneurs to directly connect to their passengers.

This model is similar to how brick-and-mortar businesses put classified ads in the newspaper on a Sunday. The seller advertises his products and the buyer will just call if interested; it is a private transaction. In today’s digital world, Lazada and Shopee does that for products; Zennya does the same for massage services; Airbnb for private homes and apartments; Grab for car services; Honestbee and Foodpanda for food delivery; for services like plumbing, electrical, etc.; and others.

Thank you to our partner in government, Sec. Art Tugade, for keeping an open mind. Let’s give every Filipino a chance to succeed in life!

These are all marketplaces that will help our micro and small entrepreneurs. And the world has adopted these platforms which give them greater access to money and market, and allows them to succeed.

These new platforms are game-changers in creating prosperity for all Filipinos. I am glad that Transportation Secretary Art Tugade has formed a committee to see how platforms like Angkas will be allowed to continue. Angkas has a stellar record of safety. All those who want to be part of this platform are properly trained and have to pass through a stringent driving test, which has led to a safety record of 99.997%.

I believe there will be more platforms that will launch in the future, allowing micro and small entrepreneurs to offer their services or products to a wider audience. I believe that the 4th Industrial Revolution, specifically digitalization, is going to be pro-poor and will definitely help our micro-entrepreneurs (who make up 99.6% of the business community) to achieve real prosperity.