Año defends National Youth Commission head against critics

February 22, 2019

INTERIOR and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año came to the defense of National Youth Commission (NYC) chairman Ronald Gian Carlo Cardema whose resignation is being sought for his comments against rallying students.

NYC has recently been placed under the supervision of the DILG.

According to Año, Cardema’s statements could have been misinterpreted and he does not have to step down from his post.

“I don’t see enough reason for NYC chairman Ronald Gian Carlo L. Cardema to resign. In his sincere intention to rally the youth towards more relevant undertakings, his statements may have been misinterpreted,” the DILG chief said.

Cardema became a trending topic on social media after he suggested that government scholarships of “rebellious student rallyists” be taken away.

Año said that the NYC chair’s statements could only be a result of his frustration over reports that university and college students are being recruited by communist terrorist groups.

“I think that as NYC chair, he just got frustrated that some of our young people, who are supposed to be part of nation-building and support of government undertakings, are being brainwashed into joining anti-government forces,” he said.

Last Wednesday, Cardema proposed to Malacañang to come out with an executive order that would revoke government scholarships of all anti-government youth leaders who are allied with the left.

But he explained that his suggestion only covered those rallyists who have joined the CPP-NPA.

“Cardema has been doing good things in the NYC which we fully support. He has good intentions. There’s no need for him to resign at this time,” Año said.

President Duterte has said that every Filipino has the constitutional right to free speech and assembly and that membership in state university organizations tied to the Left is not enough ground to revoke government financial subsidy to government scholars.