Another death attributed to Dengvaxia

November 02, 2018

FORENSIC experts of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) reported the 93rd death linked to the Dengvaxia vaccine.

Angelito Amiel C. Panugan Jr., 16, of Las Pinas was vaccinated with one dose of the vaccine some time in August 2017.

Parugan had no history of major hospitalization or illness. No history of dengue either.

There was no consent nor information if Dengvaxia was provided at the time of vaccination

Evident symptoms started on June 19, 2018 (10 months post vaccination) when he had headache, fever, abdominal and flank pain with lower extremity weakness

He vomited blood twice and was admitted to hospital on the same day but was eventually discharged.

He also started to have loss of appetite, difficulty in urinating and of breathing. He had kidney failure and dialysis was started.

On September 17, Panugan had bleeding in his nose, mouth and was unable to stand. This worsened and on September 19, he started vomiting blood again. He was brought to ICU but eventually died on September 21

The case was referred to the PAO, through Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption.

Dr. Alexis Sulit said forensic examination was done on October 11.

Initial findings revealed multiple organ enlargement of the liver, spleen, and heart and multiple organ bleeding of the Gastrointestinal tract, both lungs (extensive) and brain (extensive) with congestion and edema, which is the most likely immediate cause of death.