Arroyo’s House leadership approved over 2K bills

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

THE House of Representatives during the Third Regular Session of the 17th Congress, under the leadership of Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, successfully processed some 2,505 measures in just 54 session days or an average of 46 measures per session day.

The House performance showed the hard work, focus, and determination of lawmakers in passing vital socio-economic measures that will benefit the present and next generation of Filipinos.

During her sine die adjournment speech last June 4,  Speaker Arroyo said she set the principal objective of the House to push for the legislative agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte, especially the passage of priority bills that were highlighted in his 2018 SONA.

She said many other priority bills of the President, including those not in his 2018 SONA, were also passed by the House. She also lauded the House Members for their tireless work and dedication which resulted in genuine milestones that will benefit Filipinos now and in the future.

Based on the most recent report of the House Committee on Rules, from the opening of the Third Regular Session on July 23, 2018 until the sine die adjournment last June 4, 2019, of the 2,505 measures processed, the House approved a total of 909 measures, 250 of which became laws, 44 were transmitted to President Duterte for approval, 15 were ratified bicam reports, 33 were passed by the Senate without amendments, 10 were adopted Senate version while 59 were concurred with Senate amendments.

Moreover, the House substituted/consolidated 1,565 measures, had 25 measures in the Calendar of Business, and referred six resolutions on inquiries.

Of the 250 new laws, 82 were national bills, 166 local bills and two Joint Resolutions. Among the most recently-enacted are: Republic Act 11321 “An Act Institutionalizing the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps)”, based on House Bill 7773; RA 11291 “An Act Providing for A Magna Carta of the Poor”, based on HB 5811; RA 11285 “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act”, based on HB 8629; RA 11279 “An Act Transferring the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) and the National Police Training Institute (NPTI) from the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) to the PNP”, based on HB 8628; RA 11262 “Extending The Period For The Grant Of Incentives To Tourism Enterprise Zones And Registered Tourism Enterprises”, based on HB 8861; RA 11261 “First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act”, based on HB 172; RA 11241 “Philippine Occupational Therapy Act”, based on HB 8528; and RA 11235 “Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act”, based on HBN 8419.

These were preceded by a number of laws, among them: RA 11223 “Universal Health Care For All Filipinos”, based on HB 5784; RA 11054 “Organic Law For the Bangasamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Act”, based on HB 6475; RA 11228 “Providing for PhilHealth Coverage of all Persons with Disability”, based on HB 8014; RA 11229 “Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act”, based on HB 6938; RA 11106 “Filipino Sign Language Act”, based on HB 7503; RA 11148 “Kalusugan at Nutrisyon ng Mag-Nanay Act”, based on HB 5777; RA 11164 “Raising the Monthly Pension of Senior Veterans Act”, based on 7525; RA 11165 “Telecommuting Act”, based on HB 7402; RA 11202 “Mobile Number Portability Act”, based on HB 7652; RA 11215 “National Integrated Cancer Control Act”, based on HB 8636; and RA 11166 “Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy Act”, based on HB 6617.

Meanwhile, the two Joint Resolutions passed by the House were Joint Resolution No. 3 “Extending the Availability of the 2018 Appropriations” and Joint Resolution No. 4 “Extending the Period of Availability of Funds for Victims of Human Rights Violations.”

On the 44 measures transmitted to the President for his signature, 25 are national bills while 19 are local bills. These include, among others: HB No. 8795  “Strengthening The National Museum Of The Philippines”; HB 8719  “Establishing And Institutionalizing The Seal Of Good Local Governance For Local Government Units, And Allocating For This Purpose The Seal Of Good Local Governance Fund”; HB 8715 “Adopting Innovation As Vital Component Of The Country’s Development Policies To Drive Inclusive Development, Promote The Growth And National Competitiveness Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises”; HB 7260 “Declaring February Four Of Every Year As The “ Philippine - American War Memorial Day”; HB 8794 “Defining Gender- Based Street, Public Spaces And Online Sexual Harassment, Providing Protective Measures And Prescribing Penalties Therefor”; HB 8885 “Institutionalizing The Grant Of Student Fare Discount Privileges On Public Transportation”; HB 725 “Prohibiting The Collection Of Fees From Passengers For The Use Of Sanitary Facilities Located In The Land Transportation Terminals, Stations, Stops And Rest Areas”; and HB 7134 “Providing Policies And Prescribing Procedures On Surveillance And Response To Notifiable Diseases, Epidemics, And Health Events Of Public Health Concern.”