Ask Cuba’s help in fighting COVID-19 – militant solons

A THIRD world country like the Philippines must seek the help of the medical professionals from Cuba in combating coronavirus disease or COVID-19. 

This is according to the Makabayan solons as they asked the government to consider the assistance of Republic of Cuba just like Italy did. 

The government of Cuba and its medical professionals have exhibited its exemplary healthcare system, recently seen in their efficiency and efficacy in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the Cuban government has time and again expressed their readiness to extend help and solidarity in times of humanitarian situations and crises.  

Reports said that amid the global outbreak of COVID-19, Cuba has not only developed and successfully used Interferon Alpha 2b which has demonstrated incredible success in treating COVID-19, but has also sent medical and technical teams to Italy and Venezuela to assist in both countries' efforts to contain the virus. 

The Makabayan solons believe that the people and government of Cuba, with their highly developed and responsive healthcare system, can provide invaluable support to our tireless Filipino health workers and professionals who are now battling the virus at the frontlines. 

“In spite of our frontliners’ determined efforts, the lack of manpower, resources, and time proved to be major hindrances in effectively addressing the outbreak and its impact on the Filipino people,” the solons said.

Currently, the doctor to patient ratio of the country is 1:33,000. Numerous public hospitals that tend to the infected decry shortages in personal protective equipment.  

COVID-19 testing kits are also extremely limited, with additional kits expected to come in not less than 2 weeks from now.

“With the grim prospect of the epidemic worsening in the next few months—a possibility already sounded off by numerous health experts—it is high time that the government seeks the help of those who have been successful in curbing the spread of the virus,” they said.  

In particular, the Philippine government may request and purchase the medication Interferon Alpha 2B from the Government of Cuba; request the help of Cuban specialists that would assist our health department in replicating Cuba’s best practices in the prevention and control of COVID-19 and form an agreement with Cuba for medical technology transfer and  training of Filipino medical practitioners in the most advanced medical techniques and practices.