Back to ECQ for NCR? No way – Palace

August 01, 2020
Harry Roque

MALACANANG rejected the call of a doctors organization to return the National Capital Region to enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) status as the COVID-19 pandemic rages.

The Phillippine College of Physicians asked that Metro Manila be placed under ECQ again even for at least two weeks to give embattled health workers respite from the rigors of attending to COVID-19 patients.

The Philippine Medical Association and other similar groups also called on President Duterte to put NCR back under ECQ also citing as primary reason the situation of health workers.

The Palace however rejected the idea of ECQ for NCR. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque the strict lockdown had been tried and proved effective in the metropolis and other strategies should be pursued.

"The strict lockdown  in Metro Manila has served its purpose, and we need to intensify other strategie," Roque said.

"Community quarantine alone, we repeat, is an insufficient response in controlling COVID-19. We are scaling up hospital capacity by increasing allocation of COVI-dedicated beds while hiring more doctors, nurses and medical personnel," he added.