Bataan moves to contain spread of virus

Bataan Governor  Albert Raymond Garcia yesterday said the provincial government will impose self-quarantine on all persons, particularly those coming from Metro Manila, entering the province as the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in the province.

Checkpoints have been established along the boundaries of Bataan to monitor those entering the province  and anyone who has fever or symptoms of the virus will be forced to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine.

The governor, in a press conference Saturday, cited prompt responses and initiatives to contain the virus and ensure the safety of every Bataeño.

Garcia stressed they have made available all medical facilities in the province and offered the resources to help  prepare for any emergency.

“We have already activated the Bataan Outbreak Response Team that will conduct a round-the-clock fever monitoring and surveillance of everyone who will enter Bataan,”Garcia said.

“The patient, identified as PH64 by the Department of Health, is currently quarantined in a hospital in Balanga City and is getting all the available medical help that we can provide,” Garcia explained.

Garcia added that they are now gathering more information about the patient, conducting contact-tracing, and investigating family members and others who may have come into contact with the patient.

He said there are now teams conducting temperature checks to passengers of all buses entering the province.

Those coming from Metro Manila and other areas with confirmed cases of COVID-19 entering the province are also advised to conduct the 14-day self-quarantine at their respective houses.

Moreover, Garcia urged his constituents to cooperate with the undertaken measures of the government and seek medical help with proper authorities when one shows symptoms of the virus.

“For any COVID-19 related concern, you can reach us at the emergency hotline 911, as well as at 09276056991, 09199146232 and 6138888,” he stressed.

“Everyone is enjoined to remain calm, vigilant and prayerful. With God’s divine intervention and our cooperation, this too, shall pass,” Garcia furthered.