Be loyal to Charter, Romualdez exhorts ‘Mabalasik Class’

Martin Romualdez

LEYTE Representative-elect Martin Romualdez yesterday congratulated the graduates of this year’s Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Mabalasik Class of 2019, urging them to serve the nation with utmost dedication and remain loyal to the Constitution.

Romualdez, an adopted honorary member of the PMA Sambisig class of 1991, said the people expect the new officers to remain true to their oath of defending the country, stay neutral, impartial and non-partisan in the performance of their official duties and adhere to the chain of command and discipline.

“I wish them well. The important thing is for them to always follow discipline and the chain of command,” said Romualdez, a candidate for the Speakership post and President of the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD).

Romualdez, a lawyer and President of the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa), expressed hope that the graduates will keep the values and character they have developed during the four-year training in the PMA while serving the country.

The former head of the House Independent Bloc during the previous 16th Congress challenged the newly minted officers to become society’s agents of positive change in protecting the country’s democracy and sovereignty from internal and external threats.

“I congratulate these young idealistic and brave graduates of the PMA. I hope they will always become the agents of positive change in our country and will use all the discipline and knowledge earned in the military school while performing their duties and responsibilities for the country,” said Romualdez, the former chairman of the House Committee on Ethics and Privileges.