Bertiz earns women’s fury

Aniceto John Bertiz III
John Bertiz

CONTROVERSIAL party-list Rep. John Bertiz has found a new enemy – the women.

Gabriela party-list and one of its representatives, Emmie de Jesus,  slammed Bertiz for  citing to “monthly period or menstruation” as one reason why he has lapses or shows arrogance in some instances.

According to De Jesus the issue here is not his “monthly period” but the arrogance showed by Bertiz in dealing with airport security.

“Sa aming mga babae ay walang problema sa regla. Ang isyu ay ang arogansya niya. Huwag nyang idamay ang kababaihan kasi siya ang may problema,” De Jesus said.

The lady solon reminded Bertiz that women should not be stereotyped as arrogant and entitled to special treatment during their menstrual period.

Meanwhile, the EveryWoman group finds the excuse of Bertiz ludicrous.

The EveryWoman said that the congressman does not seem to have read a single book on biology as Science has shown that this lie about women’s irrationality is just a fantasy made up by men like Bertiz to cover up that they cannot compete with most men and women.

“Science has also shown that sexism is the refuge of the abusive and domineering,” the group added.

The group said Bertiz is a result of this government’s empowerment of the mean and ignorant.

Over the week-end, Bertiz was seen in NAIA CCTV footages refusing to undergo security check upon entering the airport.

While he apologized for his “uncalled for” action, Bertiz  pointed out that in some instances his stress in work and “monthly period” cause his irrational behavior.

‘Very stupid’

Bertiz admitted yesterday that his so-called “monthly period” remark was very stupid.

He apologized again after various women’s groups berated him over his latest remark during an impromptu press conference last Monday.

“Naging dialogue ko na lang ‘yun sa wife ko ‘pag may topak: ‘monthly period ba ngayon?’ Yeah, that was very stupid. Sa mga hanay ng kababaihan, isa pa ‘yun na humihingi ako ng tawad,” Bertiz told “The Source” over CNN Philippines.

Bertiz bared that he already asked the 12-member House committee on ethics chaired by AGRI party-list Rep. Delphine Gan Lee to have him investigated motu proprio.

“Ako po ‘yung nagkusa na rin sa tulong ng [House] committee on ethics to have a motu proprio investigation doon po sa inasal ko,” said Bertiz over ABS-CBN Channel 2 interview.

Bertiz said he was scheduled yesterday to surrender to Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Ed Monreal the airport pass given to senators, congressmen and other public officials.

“I don’t want my fellow congressmen and other holders of the ID na madamay pa,” said Bertiz.

With Ryan Ponce Pacpaco