BI temporarily suspends transactions in Luzon

THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) yesterday  announced that it is temporarily suspending several transactions at BI offices in Luzon, except for outbound passengers intending to depart the Philippines, following the memorandum on the Enhanced Community Quarantine and Stringent Social Distancing Measures from Malacanang.

BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval said the transactions include tourist visa extension for foreign nationals stranded in the country during the Enhanced Community Quarantine period.

Too, the BI said it is downgrading its workforce to the barest minimum to ensure compliance to stringent social distancing measures, adding that the suspension would also allow foreign nationals who are unable to go out of their residences to file their applications at a later time due to the quarantine.

Sandoval said that other transactions suspended are as follows:  Filing and hearing of applications for extension or conversion to non-immigrant or immigrant visa, dual citizenship, downgrading of visa status, special work permit or provisional work permit, renewal of ACR I-Cards and implementation of approved visa applications for extension or conversion.

It was learned that all aliens whose visas will expire during the duration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine shall be allowed to file their applications for extension sans penalties, provided that they file their applications within thirty days from the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.