Big PNP savings used to buy 107 motor vehicles

October 17, 2018

A CORRUPTION-FREE Philippine National Police bidding process has enabled it to save enough money this year which was used in procuring 107 additional brand-new patrol vehicles, officials said yesterday.

“It should be worthy to note that with all these regular and supplemental appropriations, the PNP has posted a high 98 percent absorptive capacity or utilization efficiency of appropriated funds,” PNP chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde said.

“With the able stewardship of the PNP Bids and Awards Committee, we were able to save enough money to buy an additional 107 units of patrol vehicles for our field units nationwide. This is an excellent manifestation of efficiency in managing government resources in line with the good governance and anti-corruption programs of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. We are committed to this kind of efficiency for the best interest not only of the PNP but most importantly of all the Filipino taxpayers,” the PNP chief added.

The PNP-BAC is chaired by PNP Deputy Chief for Operations, Deputy Director General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa. The BAC is responsible for seeing to it that all PNP procurement process are in accordance with government rules and regulations before a final contract is signed by the PNP chief which is the head of the procuring entity.

However, Gen. Albayalde maintained they would be needing additional budget and the support in particular of local government units as they embark on another major mission to ensure a secure and fair mid-term 2019 elections and at the same time keep criminals off the streets.

“Because our country holds general elections every three years, the PNP has considerably perfected already the art of performing election duty as a Comelec-deputized agency. The added responsibility, however, entails corresponding upgrade of resources to cope with the additional functions,” he said.

According to the PNP chief, it is partly the reason why they have requested a hike in the proposed PNP budget for 2019 which is 30 percent more than last year’s appropriation, largely due to the increased salary and allowances of personnel which comprise 89 percent of their annual budget, with only 8 percent allotted for Maintenance Operating and Other Expenses; and only 3 percent for Capital Outlay or acquisition of new facilities and equipment.

Gen. Albayalde likewise said that they need the full support of local government units in building or improving their lock-up facilities in order to address the problem of jail overcrowding as a result of their aggressive war against drug trafficking and abuse.

“Probably, even the Commission on Human Rights can lobby to give our police stations much bigger detention cells to address jail congestion,” he said. Albayalde said that many custodial inmates have died inside heavily-overcrowded police jails mainly due to health reasons.

However, LGUs as always will play a major role in building much-improved police jails. Gen. Albayalde cited the Muntinlupa City LGU which he said has allocated P80 million to build a modern police facility and jail.

The PNP chief said that their current equipment inventory represents only 46 percent  of the total PNP requirements or 51 percent fill-up in requirement for land vehicles, 19 percent fill-up in required aircraft, 31 percent fill-up in required watercraft, 93 percent fill-up in required handguns, 62 percent fill-up of required long firearms, 15 percent of crew-served weapons; 27 percent of communication requirement; 15 percent of anti-terrorism equipment; 61 percent of CDM equipment and 22 percent of investigative equipment.

Gen. Albayalde explained that the supplemental President’s Contingency Fund allows the PNP greater elbow room to procure basic requirements and program expenditures that cannot be supported by Capital Outlay and MOOE from regular appropriations.

“As of April this year, we have already utilized P2.25-billion from the President’s Contingency Fund for 7,700 basic assault rifles, 16,500 pistols, 205 light machineguns, 18 units of forensic microscope, and 12,622 units of anti-terrorism equipment; as well as for the annual MOOE of the newly acquired PNP helicopter.