Binay wants age of sexual consent raised to 16

FOLLOWING reports of alleged rape of a 15-year-old girl by a Manila police officer, Senator Nancy Binay yesterday urged her colleagues to support the move raising the age of consent to 16.

In July, Binay filed Senate Bill No. 1895 which aims to make 16 years old the minimum age to determine statutory rape for children from 12 years old as specified in the Revised Penal Code.

Binay said the measure is still in the committee level adding that she will ask the legislative commitment of fellow senators to fasttrack its passage.

“Isa ang Pilipinas sa may pinakamababang age of consent, which is presently set at 12 years old. Sa ngayon, our anti-rape law says it will only be considered statutory rape if the child is below 12 years old or is mentally challenged. Bilang mga magulang, it is our commitment to protect our children from sexual predators,” Binay said.

The 15-year-old girl, whose parents were apprehended for alleged illegal drug trade in Manila over the weekend, said she was raped in exchange for the freedom of her parents who were facing drug charges.

A rookie cop together with two other men forced the girl to drink beer before she was raped.

“Ginagamit po ng ilan ang mababang age of consent na ito upang takasan o lusutan ang mas mataas na penalties from their crimes against children,” said Binay, adding increasing the age of consent can prevent more cases of violence against children.

“Magiging liable for statutory rape na ang taong nagkaroon ng sexual relations or intercourse sa isang menor na below 16 years old kung itataas natin ang age of consent,” Binay said.