BOC cites army of 'silent heroes'

THE Bureau of Customs frontliners at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) are considered "silent heroes" because of the high risk they face  24/7 working and handling PPEs and medical supplies shipments since the start of the pandemic with some 45 of their personnel already under home quarantine for COVID-19.

All BOC-NAIA frontliners wear face shields in addition to face masks, follow social distancing, continuous office disinfection and follow all the health protocols and continue to provide public service despite the Covid-19 threat.

BOC-NAIA has been in the forefront of the Bureau’s drive for the immediate release of urgently needed COVID19 related importations. In fact, to ensure expedited release of all needed PPEs and test kits, the men and women of BOC-NAIA were on duty 24/7 in passenger terminals and different warehouses, amidst the imminent threat of Covid-19  since the start of lockdown last March 2020. 

Being frontliners, the 24/7 exposure of the men and women of BOC-NAIA to terminal co-workers, warehouse co-personnel, not to mention the dedication to help expedite the release of Covid-19 shipments, made the risks even higher. 

From March 9 to June 10 the Port of NAIA was able to release a total of 8,441 shipments of PPEs and medical supplies intended for Philippine Red Cross, UNICEF, Department of Health (DOH), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Departjent of National Defense  (DND), World Health Organization-MNL, other  government agencies and hospitals.  

Since the Covid-19 outbreak all BOC Ports are expediting the release of all PPES and medical goods with almost 65% of PPEs and medical goods released by frontliners of BOC NAIA.