Bureau of Customs tech effort cited for ‘excellence’

Rey Leonardo Guerrero

AN American technology company has recognized the ongoing effort by the Bureau of Customs (BoC) to upgrade its systems and procedures to comply with global trade standards.

At a simple ceremony last April 25, ‘OpenGov,’ which is based at Silicon Valley, awarded the BoC with a ‘Recognition of Excellence’ for its development of the ‘Goods Declaration Verification System (GDVS) and its successor program, ‘1-Assessment.’

The award was received by Manila International Container Port (MICP) district collector and bureau spokesman, Atty. Dino Austria.

In his remarks, Austria said this “milestone” in the bureau’s system and processes “underscores the BoC’s commitment under Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero, to make the bureau globally competitive through technology reforms.”

The new system, which automates segments of the bureau’s clearance process, was designed to allow the BoC to effectively balance its three mandates of revenue collection, border security, and trade facilitation.

“Every policy, every regulation, and every innovation is an attempt to balance these three functions.

“And, as an answer to this challenge the bureau seeks solutions through modernization, automation, and information technology,” Austria said.

“While the GDVS and the 1-Assessment remains in its trial stages, the Bureau is refining its design and is investing in its development,” he added.

The new system lessens the bureau’s reliance on paper trail by allowing the electronic submission and processing of documents. It also automates the random assignment of import entries to customs examiners and appraisers.